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Friday, February 13, 2009


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I don't like spell-check. Who do they think they are. I grew up in a British school (and English is NOT my mother tongue), and worked very hard at learning it as correctly as possible. We used to have classes dedicated only to "Spelling". I am proud to say I was very good at it, because I was a hard worker (still am). To me, changing the spelling of a name "in mid-life" is not only annoying, it is confusing and frustrating. I hesitate to click on "spell-check" before sending an email, because I know invariably whoever decided to put it together, is going to spell something differently than what I was taught. To think that all that hard work in my childhood is worth nothing today. I don't know what to tell my grandchildren: "Don't study so hard, all this stuff you are learning now will be obsolete one day". Incidentally, I do not use any of my education in my work. I could have flunked out of school to be doing what I do now for a living. Sorry, all you academicians, but that's the way I feel.
If someone with the grammar and grades of George W. Bush can become President, who needs an "education"?

For as long as I can remember, living in America, the word was spelled cancelled...I was stupified when spell check gave me the alternative of canceled. I had to look it up to see if I was incorrect...glad to see others have questions

When I was in school in the US in the '60's there was an effort to drop the duplicated consonant in words like "canceled" and "traveled" where the emphasis was on the first syllable and consequently the temptation to give the preceding vowel a long pronunciation was less compelling. I adopted this practice, but the gods of spell-checking make it very difficult to maintain in this day and age. Both spellings were acceptable, as I recall, but the shorter version was favored at the time.

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