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Friday, November 28, 2008


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I picked up the GPS and after not finding it on the rebate board, asked the security guy standing next to it. He said the rebate form was in the box. Guess what? It wasn't there!! I appreciate the address, Bruce, but do I have to have the form as well?

I got this for 79.99 though the price says 99.99. I thought they gave me instant rebate. I was trying to register the product but it took me to 404-Page not found. Website is very slow. The manual says,map update may available in future. Now I am seriously re-thinking about my impulse purchase. Website slowness, I can understand, but but product registration... big deal to me.

I brought it, the final cost is around 56. It works. I can't find any CVS or RITE AID stores. The POI and Maps are very old. It still lists Farmer Jack in there POI. the 1GB SD card is almost full. I assume even I can get a update from their web site, it is impossible. But I will keep it since it is so cheap.

I also brought another GPS, MAXX Digital PN4310, which has more POI, the cost is $89, you can easily find a lot stuff.

Oops. Forgot to mention that I installed the GPS just to see how it worked going to my normal places. Worked great. Helped me find a gas station (even though I knew where they were! : ) At first, I had trouble with the signal (I was inside). But after about ten minutes it found a signal inside my house and then it was fine once I put it in the car. I think this was a great deal. I'll probably wish I had traffice updates eventually. Especially in Southern Calif!

I also got the Nextar GPS for $99. I had a 15% off coupon which made mine $65. Then I got $50 in Kohls cash! But I couldn't find the rebate form on their rebate board and don't know where to get one! How did everyone get their rebate forms?


We also bought the kitchen aid mixer so our kohl's cash was 50.00 ... love the navi ... now I will always get home ... lol

The address for the rebate is:
Dept: 112102
3.5" Satellite Navigation $20
PO Box 52900
Phoenix, AZ 85072

I'll email you the rebate form on Monday.

I paid $99.99 before $20 rebate, I also bought gift wrapping paper for $1.99 so my total was just over $100. I received a $10 Kohl's money for each $50 = $20 which makes it $59.99

Help ... what is the zip code on the rebate???

Someone put tape on it and then ripped the tape off ...

thank you


I also bought the same GPS and forgot to get the MIR form from the website and save it. Now it is not there anymore. I tried google and I came to your blog from there. If you happened to have saved it, could you please email me to seethasdeals@hotmail.com?

Thanks much

I bought one from kohl's and mine works great!

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