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Thursday, October 30, 2008


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There is a fine line between being your brother's keeper and being your brother's enabler. Creating a welfare state does nothing but dis-serve everyone involved. I am completely against giving the government power over my personal matters (i.e. Big Government), and certainly believe that forced charity is absolutely un-American. It is a violation of what our forefathers intended and comes dangerously close to violating our Constitution. Rubbish is all I say.

I believe that Obama supporters will see exactly what "change" will be in the next couple of years and will certainly have some regrets. People just do not understand how radical this guy is, and his economic plans will eventually cripple our corporate infrastructure even further. He may be a true Socialist, but he is laying the groundwork for a new Social-Democratic party. It's weird to think that the "Commies" may win after all by slowly infusing these unhealty, relic political doctrines into our system. Doctrines that have proven time and time again to fail and weaken whatever country it affects. Look it up.

Hi TC, I believe that all life is sacred and I'm opposed to abortion, capital punishment, assisted suicide, economic injustice, euthanasia, and unjust war.

Yes, I understand that this may mean that i may have to pay more, but if I need to so be it. I am my brother's keeper.

I respectfully disagree as a fellow Catholic. Food for thought...


Pro abortion
Pro restrictive health care
Pro negotiating with enemies
Pro FORCED distribution of wealth
= anti-scripture. Don't kid yourself and keep away from the Kool-Aid.

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