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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


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umm...listen here candigirl
No disrespect but Alanis is a promoter of womens rights. This is a sattire on pop...she is against the music Fergie produces- why would she want her career!?
Alanis has guts - no one wants to get up and say that pop music seeks to subjugate women and make money off eye candy...because lets admit - pop music is fun - no doubt - but it does dimean and Alanis is just speaking her voice - dont knock her for that and if u do critisize her - u should look into WHY she made the video instead of belittling her intention and making it seem like shes jealous - have u ever even heard jagged little pill!?!?!?!? your claim is ridiculous...

Big Fan of Alanis! Sure Fergie is fun but thats the size of it. Theres no lyrics of any substance as far as I can hear. Alanis did that in all good fun. I loved both videos!

"Swallow It Down"

alanis f'sure

Fergie is trash
Alanis is class

Alanis, no doubt.

Brilliant satire, does not have to be Fergie vs Alanis thing.

Alanis' was supposed to be an April Fools joke, not a real version out =P

jojojo Alanis Rulezzzz, man alanis is a star Fergie is a newbe. Is true Fergie is more hot but alanis have more talent

I gotta go with Alanis here. It's great satire, in my opinion.

The current stupidity level of pop music is insane. Fergie is doing nothing but following in the shallow footsteps of hundreds of other "artists" before her that shilled their sexuality and called it "talent" and "creativity".

Fergie's music is overproduced, over-sung, canned music cranked out by the current music machine. If she didn't have the hot body and the short skirts, she would be serving up flapjacks at the waffle house.

Though I'm not a huge Alanis fan, I do at least recognize that she has some authentic talent. I also have to give her props for not buying into the "I'm famous for being famous" celeb thing like the rest of Hollywood. Who cares if she hasn't put anything out in years. Maybe she had better things to do.

Fergie. Alanis is a jealous wanna be. She can't make it as as the sexy star she tried to transform into, so she has to mock a song that was meant for fun in the first place.

Alanis wants any publicity she can get.

While Fergie's video is choreographed by Fatima Robinson who did dream girls and is on MTV, Alanis is so pathetic this is the only thing she has released in years.

Oh and Alanis asked the press to give her "privacy" about her broken engagement, like who cares?

She wishes she had Fergie's career and private life where the press cares.

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