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Friday, April 13, 2007


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Its a FAKE look at this link and see for yourself

Its a FAKE look at this link and see for yourself

look at the buttom left of his shirt, thats a bad photoshop job, nice try, loser. lol

i'm pretty sure that is a horse not a pony
and no way is a dog as big as a horse. all i can say is that if this dog is that big then that horse must be a unicorn who's horn was cut off by captain hook because it could only be true in never never land!

I agree this is not an English Mastiff he looks like a Neopolitan, I own a 220 pound English Mastiff and they do not get that big only in very rare cases...FAKE

Not sure about pony weights or photo manipulation, but one thing i'am sure about is that, the dog is not an english mastiff its more like an neopolitain.

This is real I use to have an English Mastiff and they do get that big, but they are the nicest dogs you could ever own.

It looks real, that blurred spot is a bit odd... but the leash is at the correct height.. but i find that the shadow is a bit off to..

i seen this dog in person and is real and i live on a farm ponies do not weigh 1000 pnds they weight 450- 600 lbs

Although whoever is behind this picture is good, they're not THAT good. If you look closely just underneath the lead the dog is being held by, the picture is slightly blurred. This is the result of photo manipulation, when one image is cut out and added to another.
Good try.

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