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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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its kinda cool but it dnt look like jesus it looks more like thoes judges dat wears does big bushy white wigs n plus d pepol dat say it is jesus is being bios cus we actually dn no how jesus looks like do we?

That's just creepy. It's not jesus. They're demons in the baby's womb that's why she was having difficultiies. They got into the placenta :(

you stupid fucks. im not even going to take the time to explain why this is so incredibly dumb, it will suffice just to let everyone who thinks that jesus is watching over this little baby know that they are a god damned idiot.

i think it looks like a puppy


looks like a puppy

By gina kelly's logic: the famous image of Christ in the piece of toast, must just be the toast's soul watching over it until it is buttered...Come on girls, if you look closely it doesn't even look like a human face, let alone an apparition of the Holy Son, or a baby's soul.

omg its scary to me ill be scared if i was the baby lol

I think the image is of the un born babys soul everybody is reincarnated and we choose witch life we want next.alot of people find this hard 2 accept especially when life has delt them a bad hand ,but we all have lessons 2 learn and unfortunatly we seem 2 learn them quicker the harder life is.this is the babys soul watchin over him till born.which is really nice

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