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Thursday, August 11, 2005


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The Problem with calling AT&T is my company has a police department and therefore I would not be going through the right channels.

I did call our police department and we placed the files in a locked room and a call was made to our law department. Our company will get in touch with AT&T to determine what should be done with the files. What scares me is that some of AT&T customers data was sitting in a unsecured location for 8 months with construction works, contractors, and my company employees all having access to them. I know that if my information was carelessly lying around in an empty building for any amount of time I would be upset.

I'm sorry, am I missing something? I would have thought the only thing to do was to inform AT&T of the situation. What's so difficult about that decision?

I would destroy the info and then inform the company police. I know that I am probably the exception, but everything comes back around... so remember the golden rule. Just to cover my a** with the company, I would probably make a note of the names that were destroyed.
The reason why I wouldn't give them to the cops they're only human. So I better take care of the matter myself.

My associates would be very interested in acquiring for the appropriate fee, all personal info that you have stumbled upon.

If acceptable to you, pls leave a notice on your website that you interested to talk and and I will then provide a better communication link between us.

Identity Theft Group
Gambino Family Business
New York, NY

call NS police! NOW!

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