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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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I am absolutely disgusted at more than half the people that come to eat at my restaurant. Most are low-life hillbillies that think they are doing their once in a year splurge by going out to soemwhere to eat other than a gas station and come to MY restaurant. They bitch and they complain like they get it better at home...slur their words...don't speak proper english...down their drinks like they never tasted a soda before...then leave you $6 on a $60. Then there's the miserable old people. I'm not speaking for all old people...just the MISERABLE ones. The ones that get pissed at you because it's your fault the restaurant doesn't have sugar-free desserts or you don't offer a low-fat dressing...maybe the restaurant should have that...but is it the servers fault? No!!! So you get screwed no matter how much you apologize...refil their decaf coffees and listen to their back-in-the day bitching...and when you get your tip: $2 on a $31 check. Then there's the socially akward idiots. The ones you go up to the people and they mumble...get nervous when you ask them if they need more time and depend on the other people's opinion's at the table to determine what they should order or if they need more time to look. Guaranteed crappy tippers. THen there's the couple who come out...order two waters...share a fish dinner...and keep asking for more "free" rolls to fill them up throughout their meal....then COMPLAIN about it saying there was something wrong with it when they are taking their last bite...their entire check $17 and they leave you $2. I personally am doing this while I go to college to be a computer programmer and this is the best job that I can get that gives me the hours I need to work around my school...and thanks to the NORMAL RESPECTFUL customers...I manage to make enough to get by...But it's too bad that those people's good tips have to make up for the skumbags that go out and F*** over their servers because of their own personal dilemmas. It's disgusting. What's it like to have people look at you like that? You realize that every second I smile at you I'm thinking f*** you you P.O.S.

where did the old shitty tipper db go? it was in a table form and was easy to follow.

also i'm wondering if this is such a good idea cuz i cant afford to lose my job. whats the legality of this? i mean, we only have their names because we looked on the charge receipt. seems like something people could get in trouble for and knowing my luck-- I will.

Constance Osiecki left $3.00 on $24.52
Erie, PA.
It goes without saying that I was very good to these people. They had modifications to all three dishes, each drank 5 cups of coffee. stayed and chatted after they paid. 2 of their 5 coffees were after they werecashed out so i was being extra nice to them.

Mrs Ellen C Phelka left $4.85 on 34.15.
as usual-- all cups of water stayed full, food mods were correct and abundant. oh well this does help a bit.

quit your bitching.

People are NOT obligated to tip you.
it's not required and is completely at the discretion of the customer.

not making enough money?
that's because you're waiting tables.

Hey Dean, why don't YOU shut the hell up! Do I tip those people you mentioned (policemen, grocery clerks, and cable phone operators)? no! You know why, they aren't being paid $2.75/hr! My roommate is a cable phone operator and trust me he gets paid very well to listen to peoples problems on a daily basis. My best friend is a cop and you should see his benefits package!

The job that we (servers) are PAID to do!? Have you ever waited on a fucking table in your life you ignorant red neck? Go back to your double-wide and eat a $3.00 Hot Pocket if you can't afford to tip! By the way, that Hot Pocket costs more than I get per hour from my wages that I get "paid to do my job". Our job, livelihood, bills, and economic survival is based on the tips we make, not on our tiny hourly wages. I work 40 hours a week and you know what my paycheck is at the end of that week? Between $45 and $70. Try living solely on those "wages" (as you so inaccurately call them) and then tell me that we should be thankful when you show up in your sleeveless NASCAR shirt and Bud Light cap and leave us a 4% tip you lowlife!

I know of no professions where people make less than minimum wage and it's legal. The only reason its legal (you eff knob), is because we receive tips to make up for the rest of our wages. Hey moron, why don't you do some research before proving to the world what a freakin' idiot you are. I make $2.13 / hr to wait on asshats such as yourself that have NO CLUE that you are indeed as stupid as you look!
Thanks for proving that there really is a need for such a website.


i think ANY tip is good for you and you shouldnt complain at all to be honest.

do you tip the person in the supermarket when they give you an extra carrier bag?

do you tip the person on the other end of the phone when you call about your cable TV not working and they help you?

do you tip a policeman when he pulls a mugger off of you?

NO? thought not...

end of the day, serving staff are a doing the job they are PAID to do by the resteraunt. any tips you get are extras. you are not ENTITLED to this... it is NO LONGER part of your wages... so shut the hell up...

Christine Ignac and Jolene Lancaster of Seattle rang up a $115.50 bar tab. They were buying shots for others so i figured them for good, generous people. Then they got the bill, I gladly split it for them and dropped off the cards and slips. Then one whispered to the other, they both giggled and I thought nothing of it. Until I got back to where they were sitting. Each had left 3 on their $57.75 tabs. Thanks for nothing.

Here we have complains from servicing side and we can't hear the other side, which make the whole thing quite pointless.

Tips are left for the customer to decide. They decided and you guys have to go with it. That's how it works. That's the industry you chose for yourself.

Don't like your job - change it. Like it - do it, what's the problem.

Whining just sucks.


I work at a fine dining restaurant. John Hann and his lady come in and just order entrees on a relatively busy Friday night. No drinks, just water. No big deal, they're not big eaters and maybe they don't drink, I can appreciate that. He orders a ribeye medium, she orders salmon. Ribeye, cooked to medium, takes about 10 minutes to cook. The restaurant was moderately busy and his steak took 13 minutes to cook. I brought them two servings of bread and their water glass never reached less than 1/4 full. In the end, this no class fool left $6 on $58. %10...

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