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Kermit Williams

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Kermit Williams

The storm U;s are coming find out more on this product idea it fold up in your storge place fun on the water documented to be patent save life in wake of floods learn more contact me .

Kermit Williams

Durstorm Housing can be a investors gold mine it not only save life the ladys will like it for many reasons and thiers no home improvements the wast system is different for the house to act in wake of flooding this house come with all the protection needed and storm chamber thats very different from other homes of this type of magnetic tube that holds this house in place magnetic power in and a off system thiers more contact me.

Kermit  Williams

A new type of innovative housing is concepted Durstorm Housing can be protection in wake of extreme storm waters and high winds even fires work by battery and locking systems to protect the house systems storm chamber below and can change parts be sold hold or half to your chose thiers more mail back.

Kermit Williams

New orleans can be interested in new housing DURSTORM contact me if you see this .

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