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Martin Wiggins

I would take one dauschound. you know a weiner
dog. I live in Tucson. 520-
663 5669

Imladris Dog Rescue

Dear Lynda,

IDR is a newly founded, small organization that is finally able to take in
one (possibly just several more) Katrina dog! I read your letter for help on
a rescue list some time ago and would like to know if you still need to get
dogs into rescue. Because we focus on dogs that are discriminated against, we would
be able to take dogs labelled as "pit bulls". We are also most likely able
to provide our own transportation or at least help with this!

Thank you so much for what you are doing with these animals - I truly
appreciate your efforts.

Audrey Ann Low

Imladris Dog Rescue
(919) 647-4544

Bruce from

Update: please read this very interesting discussion about this post at IF you know anything about this group please let me know. Thank, Bruce
Link for discussion:

julie garvey



id love to adopt a small dog under 10 pounds or foster or 2 cats or kittens. i live in ny.


Hi.There is a man named John Wyrick that evacuated from Katrina to Independence, MO. & left his German Shepherd (Shuma) in the care of a volunteer (Lynn Nevills) at The Eugene Theiss Medical Animal Shelter also in Independence, as he had to stay with relatives & couldn't take Shuma. Now this woman won't give him back his dog !! He raised her from a pup & trained her to help him as he has a serious back problem.This was on our local news & showed the woman & she said why can't he just get another dog !!! And SHE is a volunteer at the animal shelter. I am outraged & don't know who to tell or what to do. Can anyone help me to help John & Shuma...PLEASE???

Kelsey Longee

We are looking for a male yorkie that is not neurted we live in erath, louisiana email me if you have any.
Kelsey Longee

Robyn Baker

I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback owner in southern Kentucky. I would be willing to foster and/or adopt a Ridgeback or a Ridgeback mix if you have any in need of a good, loving home and lots of care.

Lisa Milligan

Do you know if the 4 big brown dogs on top of the car and the gray dog peering through the bars were ever rescued? They are part of your Animal Photos dated 9/10/05. I've been worried about them ever since first seeing their pictures on TV. Thanks.


Hi, I would be willing to host some toy poodles. I have one of my own. Melissa in Porltand ME

barbar rogers

my dog has cancerand i have to put her to sleep she is allasa lapso i would like to adopt a small dog i am 71 and this is breaking my heart i have had her for 13 years i would take very good care of it i prefer a female spaded


I have said i will take a Katrina cat & dog but no one has contacted me. If there are so many why not? I cannot pay a huge adoption fee but I can give a pet a good home on my farm.


I have said i will take a Katrina cat & dog but no one has contacted me. If there are so many why not? I cannot pay a huge adoption fee but I can give a pet a good home on my farm.

Diane Chapman

I can foster a dog....small preferred.


I can foster or adopt 1 or 2 cats. I'm in Tucson, AZ


I can provide an excellent home for a Norwegian Forest Cat or two or a young Miniature dachshund. I can reimburse (cod?) some costs of transportation. I would consider a young Shetland Sheepdog.


PLEASE help me!
I saved my babies from drowning only to be told I had to leave them in a strangers attic near where we were rescued...I am from chalmette in
St. Bernard parish....I have 4 Chihuahua's...a mother and her 3 male pups. The pups are mixed with Maltese/ toy poodle/ pom....they could be mistaken for small terrier mixes
The female's name is Rat...she is a 6lb long-haired Chihuahua...she is fawn and white..white on chest and some mixed in the fawn colored hair on her back and white on her paws...she is missing her four bottom teeth between the k-9's and she has double k-9's her puppies share the double teeth trait if her teeth aren't brushed regularly she will suffer from dental carries. She is nine years old and very sweet....she was wearing a Magenta and black tiger striped collar....

Her sons are: Bosco (weinnie) 1 1/2 yrs old white with tan on back from ears to tip of tail his tail is slightly fanned like his mom's he has two rows of teeth he and his brothers are mixed with toy poodle and Maltese...Bosco's hair is slightly wiry in some places ...he looks like he is wearing a sweater he is long and weighs about 4lbs (no collar) he was clipped before the storm so, his hair may have looked like that of a smooth coated Chihuahua with hair growing back around eyes, mouth and around the neck and chest like a coat collar. His hair on his face around eyes makes him look like he has old man eyebrows....and around his mouth makes him look like he has a Fu Man Chu moustache. Bosco has peach colored tear stains.

Mikey is 9mos old and is curly haired, kind Of fluffy...mixed colors...beige underneath and Charcoal gray/light gray and beige on top...the back of his ears are a rust color He has a beige mask around his eyes, and some beige around his mouth some beige can be seen under the top hair, which is charcoal gray...Mikey has an under bite and looks like a "EWOK" from "Star Wars" he is about 5lbs. he was wearing a black cat collar with rhinestones.

Poody is also 9mos old with cream and white curly hair med/long in length, a little fluffy,and around his ears and his ears are beige ...he has less noticeable beige spots on his back, they are more noticeable when he is wet ...a big one at his rump and a smaller one near his back and one by his shoulder. ....podgy lifts his leg unusually high to urinate...Poody has peachy colored tear stains, he weighs about 3lbs...he was wearing a green cat collar white and yellow fish bones and mice

Please if you can help in anyway please let me know....their last location was in a ripped open attic on keane Dr in chalmette right off of St. Bernard hwy and located right across from C.F. Rowley elementary school I was notified that the were rescued and the address on Keane dr. is 13 Keane drive per the rescue team that went to search again and found no marking on the house just that dogs were in the attic at one time and were rescued before the water went down....I have been looking since Sept. 6th when the shelter were I was residing received outside communications
My phone number is (985)792-1536 I am in Ponchatoula, La.
My other email is
Any help would be deeply appreciated

Thank you,
Bridgette Siles

Jen and Jeremy


We live in upstate New York, and just bought a home hoping to fill it with at least a dog. I have always had a huge affection for animals, and Jeremy has taken me on knowing that I have this obsessive love. We went to the humane society and found out that they were getting Katrina dogs by the week. We didn’t really see anything that we liked this weekend (they will get more this week and we will go to look), but I figured I would drop you a line if you have heard anything about it. Like I said, we are really interested in adopting a dog or even potentially a cat. The only downfall is that we would like to have a female dog, and a male cat. I have nieces, so whatever we adopt needs to get along well with children. If you hear anything please don’t hesitate to email me or call me my cell number is 607-368-9201.

Thank you so much,

Jen and Jeremy

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