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Stick with Katrina

Michelle Hope

I would like to see pictures of the Typhoon as well. You have the best photos and coverage of Katrina that I've seen out there. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much also for posting about the abandoned animals, too. I would recommend that people who would like to donate do it through - they have put all their efforts and money into the shelters outside NO, particularly the St Francis Animal Sanctuary in Tylertown, which are getting inundated with pets. They need lots of help. They are expanding their facilities in order to take in all the pets that are found in NO.

Thanks! Michelle


Note: If you want to see only posts about Katrina all you need to do is go the Categories Section on the left hand side of this blog and select Katrina link.

Here's the direct link:


The Katrina situation is going to last for a very LONG time.
You'd do a good job (as you already did) by following the developing situation: reconstructions, contracts, insurances, reshaping the city, people gettin' back, all the lies, all the stories of the victims, photos, everything.
While you're at it, it's pretty comprensible if you cover more hurricanes and still have the blog called 'Katrina watch'.
You'd do comparing and stuff.
The Katrina watch could last years, you're warned!
Keep it on.


Bruce, you are doing a good job here. The aftermath of Katrina will be so significant that I think you need to continue to document this.

What I think about is:
1. The ongoing story of the displaced people, and what is being done for them in Memphis, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Salt Lake, etc.
2. The story of the death of the disaster.
3. The failure of government, and where do we go from here.
4. The levee system, and its repairs going forward.
5. The teardown and reconstruction of parts of New Orleans.
6. The recovery of business, industry and the people.

Bob Miller


Bruce, you have the perfect Blog at the perfect time. Continue to keep everyone informed about Katrina, and the other "forces of nature" that are devastating our existence. With a quick scan of your Blog, I can see it being a major, major competitor in journalism. As for the name, you might consider: "Downs to the Wire"



I think that you should do all Hurricanes and Typhoons. The world is too small and everyone is interconacted. Someone will want to find out information about their family members or see the state of their or a loved ones country and this could be a good place to do that.

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