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« Thw Waters Return to New Orleans due to Rita | Main | Hurricane Rita Pictures, Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 »


William Dupuy

Just for info. The mail box picture with the horse is my home location. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and am happy to say that we did not flood.

We had just finished building not a month before and had built at 15ft.




Dang!!! they had to use a boat as a car!!!


Dang!!! they had to use a boat as a car!!!


Dang!!! they had to use a boat as a car!!!


we are six french-speaking students from Quebec and we were seeking for info about the nowadays signs of the passage of Rita. Are there still damaged area? We are coming to Louisiana from frebruary 14th to feb. 24th, and wanted to know how it was today! Thanks for any info!




pictures of the water and devistation always take my breath away... I am formally from Delcambre and saw the aftermath also West to Cameron where I also had relatives.... Do we now believe the devistation of coast erosion and its effects for all of us?


Those are some amazing pics.


that's sad! i pray to God that all of the people that were in the hurricane or who were even by it are safe!

ashley brown

that looks terable!


Poor people they really will need our help.

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I thinks every rich country has to help such poor country's. there are few clubs which are helping such people such as Red Cross, Lionce Club etc. The count should be increased.


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Hey really I agree with Alex. There are various Social Welfare and Charitable Trust Who are doing work in such Flooding... All the rich countries should be give helps to such poor country's. Thanks very much for sharing it.

Jordan Spizike

A wise guy has learned to tolerate other folks, so he can naturally lead a pleased lifestyle. He understands to always keep a coronary heart of conscience and never to spread others’ blunders. Did you concur with me?

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