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mike richards

just wanted to say im dissapointed with our goverment.we went to tyler red cross for help an got turned away/the salvation
army would not help either
we dont understand why
i neded meds for my athsma
an noone would help..

army didnt help us either


Mike i'm sorry to her about that.

teryn uren

it is dissapointing to see that there are not many people that care about all the victims of hurricane katrina or rita and i am dissapointed to see all the lack of help. while all these people are dying of starvation,dehydration its really discusting! all i can say is im discusted

samantha harrison

i agree


i hate george bush for being an irresponsible a!@#%3!


my aunty died because of lack of help


As a hurricane rita victim,i dont blame anyone for the just proves our government needs to make improvements.. God puts our leaders in charge for a reason and after these hurricane, i have come to beleive more strongly in God. He did save us in the middle of the woods running out of food, no water, no nothing but miles of downed trees blocking our every direction. eventually help did come and i was extremely gracefull. tho not every life can be saved, there are still lives being saved..I was rejected by fema and am now living over 200 miles away from my home. ive had friends homes destroyed, my house...i was riding down the street and seen dead bodies but i still dont blame opinion is if God calls someone, they will die...i know thats kinda tough words to say and i dont meen to offend anyone. we only have 1 life to live so why spend it blaming others. One thing we have to remember, george bush and the other politicians are people, and people are just flesh and will make countless mistakes. yes this is a serious mistake but like i said noone is perfect. dont spend life blaming others..spend it loving others and making use with what you have left because one day you will die to.

I mean no offence, i am not using harsh words towards anyone. this is just my personal opinion and would like to appoligize in advance if i have offended you.


You need to start helping more people faster


hello I feel there was not enough help for Hurricane Rita victims. We lived about ten miles from the sabine pass and it seemed like the news and the public only cared about the flood waters of New Orleans. It is almost like no one else mattered. Biloxi Mississippi was hit pretty bad from Katrina but you dont heear anything about that. And you dont hear much about Texas during Hurricane Rita. I called a news station and complained because It had been six days since Rita had come ashore and they were not showing anything about texas. I was very upset because I did not know anything. I was all the way in TN and I could not find out anything. Our government cannot handle stuff like this and sooner or later there will be no world for them to worry about. God will take care of us because no one else will. The government only wants money and if it is not convenient to them they dont care. Our president needs to do a better job or let someone who can do it for him. I hope people vote carefully next time because we cant afford another disaster like last year.

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