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Jeff Ragovin

As of 4 pm, Rita is a category 5 storm with 165-mph winds, located 300 miles west of Key West, Florida. Rita is moving west at 12 mph, and will move out into the central Gulf over the next 24-48 hours. Yet another one for the record books. This is the first time in recorded history that two Cat 5 Hurricanes have developed in the Gulf of Mexico in the same year.


articleA jewish defector warns America

Hurricane hero helps 60 victims to safety

How can we help Katrina victims?

Post photos of looters here , as many as ye got.

MUST SEE VIDEOS, ZOG vs. Whites in New Orleans

White Genocide In New Orleans

5 year old girl had been raped by two or three guys

Mike Brown took the blame, but Chertoff was the real dud

"How do you shoot at people who are trying to save your lives?"

White Prisoner Saves Victims

New Orleans Announces Martial Law

Cops looting

Why Have You Non White Nationalists Joined?

Mexican Troops Invade U.S. For Hurricane Aid Fully Armed!

Bush’s Negligence Destroyed New Orleans

Looter Relocation Program: New from FEMA!!

Things learned from watching the TV

Media Covers Up Anarchy

Stories Spiked By Media

Ungrateful Katrina Refugees

List of Countries offering Aid to the United States.
PANAMA: 120,000 pounds of bananas for hurricane victims

BBC Video! White British girls

Cops Demand Sex From Whites In N.O. When Denied, They Refused To Help

Jewish Synagogue Paid with Federal Funds - No "Separation of Synagogue and State"
by Mark Farrell

White teacher terrorized and school does nothing

White Community: Helping the Forgotten Victims of Katrina

New Orleans myths: The numbers tell a different story

Troops Back From Iraq Find Another War Zone


I was checking out Katrina blogs and found yours. A wealth of information. Thanks.

If you are interested, we set up two small blogs. The first has connections to Methodist and Presbyterian sites, with photos taken of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The second is just starting but hopes to connect churches together in a non-denominational rebuilding effort.


Bruce from

What a great idea. I wish you the best and our prayers are with you.


hey this is lisa here i am sorry for the people that had to go through with the hurricane but i will keep ya in my prayes and hope that all of you are ok


Katrina victims of Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) flooding may be owed compensation from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over its failure to appropriately maintain the MRGO. If you are one of the thousands of Louisiana residents whose property was located in the following Louisiana zip codes: 70129, 70117, 70092, 70085, 70075, 70043, and 70032, and you filed SF Form 95 claims with the Army Corps of Engineers on or before August 29, 2007, this site has lots of valuable information:

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