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The West Coast Midnight Run

Make a donation to the American Red Cross for the Hurrican Katrina victims and pick up an 18 months free subscription to the West Coast Midnight Run. You can get our regular 12 months free subscription regardless of whether you help, but your generous donation will entitle you to an additional 6 months free ( Please think of those who need our help right now!!!

pm gehbauer

in regards to clinton's comment about the us " never having to borrow money from foreign countries to finace a war!!!!!!!!!! if he wouldn't have spent so much time in russia protesting against our troops during "nam",trying to by alcohol on sunday's from a friend of mine's store,( he's the idot who signed the no-alk bill into law!!!!!!!!),smuggling in loads of "coke" thru mena , arkansas....and finally figuring out how to lie to a grand jury( i didn't have sex with that girl!).........then he surely would have had time to be a real american history buff and not try to overload his mouth again!!!!!!! the revolutionary war was financed by the french. that's france.they are a foreign country. we don't need to raise taxes to finance war, katrina and etc.....we need to cut the fat out of the pork barrels filled by the men and women in the halls of congress. they forgot that during 1776 , our country borrowed money to finance the war. difference was that the continental army didn't even have shoes and ammo....yet they won the war that allows an ignorant, lying, could've had ben laden , "wonder-how-he-got-to-be-prez" the "free-speech" opp to say foolish things he knows little about!!!
thanks, mr. constitutional history buff!!!!!!!

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