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« Day 8 - 8/30/05, A Wwidespread Disaster Unfolded on the U.S. Gulf Coast on Tuesday | Main | Day 8 - 8/30/05, Superdome Refugees Get Some Fresh Air »


jessica geneva martinez

i want to help raise money for the people in new orlans and mississippi lousana and im only 11years old so i want help raise money


help them live a better life


our school would like to help contribute raise money to help these people


i used to live in this great town. my hearts and prays go to them all. i hope the williams family is ok. call if you see this.we love youu all


God bless our southern family. please give all that you can, even if all you can do is pray. It makes me so sad to think of what these people are going through.


My thoughts & prayers are w/ your community & all of the Gulf. I am from Macon, Ga & we have a family member that works w/ Townsend Tree Co. that is in the community of Pascagoula cutting & clearing trees so that the electric trucks can come thru to re-store power. If you see "Gallager" tell him that we know he is doing all his crew can to help out your community. I pray for that light at the end of the tunnel to shine brightly on you & the whole Gulf Coast b/c I can't imagine the horror, anxiety, anger, frustration, loss, and bewilderment that all of you must be feeling. You are in my thoughts & prayers--May God Bless You!

Paula Stoner

I am looking for my missing family in Pascaqoula,MS! My sister's name is Altiere Stoner and her adult daughters name is Yvette Jelsema, her daughters husbands name is Chris and they have two kids!! Can anyone help me find them??
Paula Stoner

mike dillon

I visited Pascagoula in the company of a good friend- Spencer Garrett. We pray that Spencer and his family are safe. Our thoughts and those of many we know in the seafaring or fishing communities world-wide are also with Pascagoula and the Southern States

Mike and Bernadette Dillon

Jan Bowman

I am looking for Jim Bowman from Pascagoula. Where are you? please call collect - Jan Bowman @ 208-344-0322. Also, Juanita Bowman, Dennis Bowman, Brian Bowman, Lisa Bowman, Arthur Bowman, Donald Bowman, Frances Byrd. If anyone knows of any one of these folks, please call Jan. Thank You.

Jan Bowman

I am looking for Jim Bowman from Pascagoula. Where are you? please call collect - Jan Bowman @ 208-344-0322. Also, Juanita Bowman, Dennis Bowman, Brian Bowman, Lisa Bowman, Arthur Bowman, Donald Bowman, Frances Byrd. If anyone knows of any one of these folks, please call Jan. Thank You.

Kara W

To the families involved in this horrible event....Stay strong and keep your head up, this will pass and the world will open a new door of hope for you all. Our prayers and hopes are with you during tis time of need. Our radio stations in this area have raised a tremendous amount of money to help the people who have lost everything. We will continue praying everyday until you all find closure and can resume your normal lifes in the future. You are in our hearts.

Baltimore, MD


i live in gulfport mississippi, the neighboorhood i was in was completely flooded and my family lost everything. thank you so much for you interest and support, it means a lot to a lot of people. god bless you all

Mary riggle

Does anyone have new of Millie DiSanti or her daughter Mary Anne DiSanti. They lived at 900 Eastwood Rd in Pascagoula. not far behind Sen. Lott's home. If they are ok,please send an email to me Riggle @ Thanks and all are in our prayers


I live in wilmington delaware and i went to jackson mississippi august 24th and left august 29th. i knew the hurricane was coming due to the various warnings on every weather channel in Mississipi. The way the newscasters were acting i knew it was going to be big, i just didnt know it was going to be this huge. i wish that i could do so much more for the victims of new orleans and mississipi but it saddens me to know i cant. i know money and prayer goes a long way but it still doesnt satisfy me. i wish there was someway we could rewind time and every single person could safely evacuate biloxi and new orleans. i know it must be hard to cope everyday not knowing where your family is. when one of my family members, especially my younger ones, are missing for 5 minutes i be about to panick. i just want every victim to know that i feel for their tragedy and they will defineatly be in my prayers. i hope god blesses them, which i know He will, and i hope that the loving cities that got hit restore to the fullest extent. i am here to be a shoulder to cry on even if we arent in person, email me if you need to talk. i know i wont understand out of experience, but i still can relate to this tragedy because it happened to our nation. email:

Donna D Walker

I am a victim of Katrina. We lost our home of 28 years in Columbia, Ms. I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to send items and to those power companies and volunteers who have come to Mississippi to help us. Thank you to the Southern Baptists who brought us meals. We can never thank you enough. God bless you.

Marie Largilliere

The photo of the top of the house sitting in the middle of Pascagoula Street was the house I grew up in and my brother was living in at the time of the storm. The house was built in the mid 1860s. It took Camille but it is sad to see that it couldn't handle Katrina.


I am in Switzerland an I am looking for Brian Bowman from Pascagoula. Please write to:
Thank you!

Teresa Teeslink

I'm looking for Millie DiSanti or her daughter Mary Anne. If you have any information, please let me know.

Carol Dunaway

My parents, Henry and Marie LOPER, lost their home of 51 years to Katrinia and practically everything from the home (also their car). My son, Donovan Dunaway, also lost his family's home and all their belongings with their two trucks. My folks, son and his family of four are all now living with me in my little house in Gautier. We are indeed grateful to have a place for all of us. My brother, Warren, had a good deal of damage to his home in Pascagoula and is hard a work trying to get it livable again. But, we are all safe and that is what is important. Please pray for the residents of the coast. So much has been lost and nothing will ever be the same of any of us again.

rick aldridge

I am look ing for information concerning Mike and Denise Phillpips and their children who I belived lived on Mary Ann in Gautier. Please e-mail me if you have any at / thanks Rick


Is there a stick or brick left of Mississippi City, my home when I was little. It was 5-10 m east of Gulfport right on the coast. Is the elementary school (brick) gone?

Heather Christine

I knew that a hurrican was going to hit...but I was so heartbroken when i saw everything that had happened!! i prayed for everyone who was there in all that chaos. My heart went out to everyone who lost family members in the hurricane...and to all the missing children, i hope they find there parents..i pray everynight for everyone there to be my school we collected over $500 to send down to New Orleans..i know thats not much but it makes me feel good to be able to help.

Curt Parker

If anyone would like to help, we are asking for donations of school uniforms for our students in Pascagoula. More information can be found at

Lynnze Webster

I just wanted to say that all the people who got hit by hurricane katrina need to hang in there because things will get better. People all over the world are collecting and donating money for everyone down there. My school, Campbell County High School in Kentucky donated money. Students brought in money and it was sent down there. I pray for each and every one of the survivors. Keep your heads up and stay strong.

Annette Canady

I have a good friend in Moss Pointe Mississipp by the name of Wendy Ezelle whom I have not heard from. If anyone who reads this knows of her where abouts or know her please help me find out how she is. My prayers are with all affected by this tragedy

Annette Canady

If it helps Wendy Ezelle has a husband by the name of Robert Ezelle who is the Army National Guard and was stationed in Iraq at the time of the hurricane. She has a son and a daughter. I may have misspelled her last name but it is close to how it is spelled Thank you I hope this helps in locating my friend.

Shonda Kendall

I live in Covington county in Collins, Ms. We had to saty at our house because it was to late to leave,the roads were so packed. We only had small damage done to our house and surrounding area. We were out of electricity for over 3 weeks. I complained but after seeeing what alot of people had to go through I am ashamed that I complained. At least I had a place to lay my head at night. I visted the gulf coast at Gulfport not long ago and progress is being made but it is a long road to being finished. We the poeple of Mississippi need to all pull together and not forget our neighbors at the coast. They are still going to need our help in time to come. My heart and prayers still go out to all those that have lost everything. May GOD be with you all and keep giving you the strenghth to keep going on.

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