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tanja rochner

that is correct. these people knew what chances they took. no different than people in cali. they know they could fall off into the ocean, but they choose to live there. if you choose tolive in a probable problem area, then thats the chance YOU take. be prepared YOURSELF. it is not the worlds responsibilty to take care of you. look at all the people in NO that think the world owes them something. NOTHING is free...get a grip and face it ... its called reality people. you want help get off your butt and help TOO!

tanja rochner

the world is not coming to an end people...GOD is cleaning up an infected is one does it look to others watching LOOTERS stealing JEWELRY, designer clothes, appliances, etc...then you want to complain about "oh we were left to die" woe is me...well, you should have thought about that when you were steling for PLEASURE instead of necessity. all the decent people there have suffered because of "poor pitiful government wards that dont worry about what they lost, the government will give them new stuff just like they have received all their lazy, good for nothing lives. GOD will punish those people. you think its bad now...HELL IS WAITING ON YOU!

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