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So the best way to use the HangTimer is by far for aerial free falling. I would use it the next time I'm skydiving over the plains of Iowa, I mean what else are you going to do in Iowa? That way when I land, I can show everyone on the ground how long I was making love to the wind.

I would use HangTimer with my old pogo stick! Or to time the air I get from swan dives into my pool. Noone else I know has anything remotely as cool!

I get mad hang time on my wind surf board. Seriously I'll go on record!

With this pwnage HangTimer, the next time I go to wal-mart, I'll be able keep track of my "hang time" on one them mechanical rocking horse ride, taking advantage of the variable sensitivity settings from 0.25 to 2 seconds!
The ride is extremely strenuous due to the hardcore rocking that will often send you flying, so it's relief that the HangTimer weighs only 2.5 ounces, minimizing the extraneous stress from the weight!


with this hang timer i would measure the time i can hang from the top of my roof above my girl friend who will be naked untill i get a erection.

I would put it on my mother-in-law just before throwing her off a cliff. Then I would check her hang time from the fall and her hangtime off the bounce.

I would like to attach the Hangtimer to the New York Mets and time how long it will take for them to fall out of first place in the NL East. I'm just having fun. I know I can't win.

I'd steal an M1A1 and ribe it off a really big hill. Of course, the U.S. Army would notice that I just used one of their prized tanks and come after me. But to no avail, as i would already be in SPACE thanks to my soda bottle rocket ship. During my journey to distant planets, I'd get REALLY REALLY high, taking HUGE hits from the UltraBong X1000 (which I plan to market soon). That wont give me hangtime, but the zero-g will. THen, after 3 weeks in space, which is like what, 70 years Earthside?, I return and go to Guiness for the World record for Longest Hangtime. I can do all this without the watch, but it would be really cool if I had it. :)

sry kid...friday's the deadline

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