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I am so sorry to correct you but there were over 30,000 people in the dome that night and only 14 yes that's right 14 guardsmen. I am from New Orleans. Actually there were only 14 guardsmen for the first 3 days. We have over a million residents here and the storm only turned on Friday. People don't understand how complacent you become when you have lived here for your whole life and have stayed through every Hurricane. Might I add that's alot of hurricanes. They always tell us we should leave and nothing ever happens that is so bad that you say Damn I should of left, until now. So you learn to ride it out and unless you are from here you would not understand this mentality. Our own gov. couldn't decide whether to issue a mandatory evac until Sat night. I mean really how many people could actually get out? Last year during one evac I10 to Baton Rouge and I55 to Ponchatoula was stopped for 14 hours. That's a long wait to get out. The things I see posted and quoted online & TV cannot even compare to how bad it really was and is. Trees snapped like toothpicks in 2 seconds. And a tree would go down every five minutes. I don't even want to get into the looting. Please correct this. If you want more info you can email me and see about a phone call but to type everything is really just exhausting after everything we have been through. Today was the first day that they let us back in. Only Jefferson Parish that is, Kenner, parts of Metairie etc. And the traffic was unimaginable. They only opened up the exits off I10 starting @ 8:00am. Thank you in advance for your kindness and cooperation in this matter. Also thanks for your prayers. 10/1/5 @ 1:12am

pool contruction arizona

It's so wonderful to see it from above.

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