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george williams

While attending the EUCOM QM School in Darmstadt in 1949 I went to visit the Frankenstein Castle. Funny how people chanage history. The guides and books of that time said that the castle owner went to Africa on hunting trips and brought back wild animals and placed them in a pit in the courtyard, which you could see. He dumped the peasents that did not pay their fair share of taxes into the pit. Also at this time there were many people digging on the hill side in search of a burried treasure.

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Audrey Turner

After watching the movie Frankenstein I went to the original castle in Germany, which is supposedly the one that gave Shelley the inspiration, I still can’t enter even though I know it was just a story and now has inhabitants trying to make a profit from the eerie landmark

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Hmmm.. interesting thoughts and ideas you've shared. Please keep on sharing! I'll be back to see and read some of your post soon. :)


Another big advance was when footage could be recorded and stored.

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Classic! I would love to see it myself.

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