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I know this was posted over a year ago, but is it still safe to sunbathe topless at Topsail Beach?


My wife and I are trying to form a group on Yahoo! Groups for like-minded couples and single females to get together on Topsail Beach for sunbathing. This is not a "hook-up" kind of thing, just a friendly get together for people that might not be comfortable going topless on their own, and would prefer the safety in numbers atmosphere. You can check us out at
We look forward to meeting you!


My wife would love to be in her thong and topless. Did you find a place where it might be more comfortable? To many kids and families in surf city.


Can my wife safely go topless on Topsail Beach? What about a thong?


Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!! Lets go topless on Northern Topsail Beach this summer!!!!!!!!!! For more info contact me at


Is it still safe to go to NTB topless? The wife wants to head up there in a couple of weeks.


the north topsail beach is in
onslow Co. not Pender

dale and jane

is it legal to wear thongs and go topless and topsail beach

dale and jane

we would like to know can you go topless and wear thongs at topsail beach


Just come to my house topless anytime


My wife wants to try the topless thing some, but at 5'4" and 36DD she is concerned about people staring at her breasts. She is one that does not like attention. Asking women that has simular situation. Do you get a lot of stares ?


This is a late reply, but you'll probably find that no one stares. My wife goes topless at Topsail Beach (down near the south end) and it seems as if most people intentionally look the other direction. Down at the south end there aren't many people anyway. Someone might wander by, but they will most likely not stare.

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Has anyone been to topsail beach in north carolina?
What city is it in and are there any good hotels


The city is Topsail Beach. There is one hotel, it's called the Sea Vista. It's kinda run down, but it is right on the beach and not that expensive (for a beach front hotel).

By the way, here's the deal on the topless sunbathing at Topsail Beach. As long as no one complains, you won't get in trouble. If someone complains to the police, they will show up and ask you to cover up. As long as you cover up, you won't get in any trouble. If you refuse to cover up, or if you take your top back off after the PoPo leaves, they will cite you for disorderly conduct.

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Is the Sea Vista Motel southern enough so that I can go topless there? OR will we need to move even further south? Thanks!!


To avoid "trouble", it is best to park at the last beach access, walk south, past the houses a bit, before doffing your top. Most adults will not care, and there is enough distance to get an all-over tan, if you are discreet. Topsail Beach is beautiful, not to be missed.

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Topsail sould be a place that young college age woman can go topless


The lawmkers should turn topsail beach into a beach like South Beach. I know a lot of young women from plsce like Chowan U and ECU would love to go there.


We should get a group together to all go to Topsail's South Beach in July 29, 2011 through August 1, 2011.

If you are coming, RSVP to

Karra Tidwell

Thinks it is sick to bear all that you have to the world.. Just saying!! But ya know... All preverts need a place to go!! So I guess this is yalls place to pick up the trash!!

Kaitlin Merritt

Can you still go topless on topsail? Cuz my friends swear the cops will be called and ill be arrested if I go topless there now

Chase Mcumber

Oooh... This is good news for women who want to get tanned! A natural tan is what some women want to achieve. Well, they can now get that kind of look with the help of technology. Good thing there are businesses that offer such procedures nowadays.

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